Jumat, 13 Januari 2012

[SOLUTION]Troubleshooting GameGuard Errors

*****The most common GameGuard error's and their solution*****

[Error Code:6 Type:100] - Computer is infected with virus.

Please update the anti-virus to the latest and scan the PC. Even after scanning, if the error code 100 persists to appear, it might be undetectable virus.

[Error Code:6 Type:110] - GameMon is already running.

Either close GameMon process or reboot and execute again.

[Error Code:6 Type:112] - Unable/Failed to load modules

Failed to load modules for checking viruses and hacking tools. Possible causes are lack of memory and virus infection.

[Error Code:6 Type: 114] - Failed to initialize GameMon.

1. There could be a program that might be taking up too much CPU resource.
Or, the video driver or sound driver might be out of date. Please scan for any virus and spy-ware, and update all drivers to the most recent versions.

2. The user might be running an anti-virus software that is too heavy for the particular system(Norton 2005, McAfee, VirusBuster, etc.)

Please open the settings of the application, and disable any unnecessary features like internet monitoring, outlook monitoring, script monitoring.

[Error Code:6 Type:115] - Game has been executed multiple times, or GameGuard is already running.

Close the game and restart.

[Error Code:6 Type:124] - GameGuard.des file does not exist or is modified.

Delete GameGuard folder,restart PC and let launcher re-download the GameGuard.

[Error Code:6 Type:150] - Setup file for GameGuard does not exist or is corrupted.

Delete GameGuard folder,restart PC and let launcher re-download the GameGuard.

Or download setup file for GameGuard and install at GameGuard folder.

[Error Code:6 Type:153] - GameGuard.des does not exist or is corrupted.

Delete GameGuard folder,restart PC and let launcher re-download the GameGuard.

Or re-install of GameGuard setup file should solve this problem.

[Error Code:6 Type:155] - Windows system file is damaged.

It is recommended to check for virus, and reinstall Internet Explorer or rsabase.dll in the system folder according to Internet Explorer version.

[Error Code:6 Type:170] - Failed to execute GameGuard process.

Delete GameGuard folder,restart PC and let launcher re-download the GameGuard.

Or reinstall the GameGuard setup file and try running the game again.

[Error Code:6 Type:174] - Also known as |completer skill bug.

Overlapping comp+other skills. Can cause frequent dc's and lead to a permanent ban since it's seen as speedhacking. Re-installation and ensuring the client is functional will fix it.

[Error Code:6 Type:200] - An illegal program has been detected.

Close unnecessary programs and try again(lookup for 3rd party tool programs too).

[Error Code:6 Type:340] - Failed to download.

Network might not be stable currently, Internet or firewall settings might be having some problems(they might need to be adjusted manually).

[Error Code:6 Type:350] - Cancel(Abort) button has been clicked while updating or due to the failure of connection.

1. Try connecting again or confirm its network status and/or pressing "Retry" button.

2. It could also be slow update due to insufficient network bandwidth. Or, FTP or HTTP connection might be blocked.

[Error Code:6 Type:360] - Update is not successful or GameGuard file is corrupted.

1.Try again in a minute, or check the firewall settings.

2.Right click on hard disk drive - select device - do disk scan, delete GameGuard folder in the game directory, download GameGuard using the manual link, install and try again.

[Error Code:6 Type:361] - GameGuard update is not processed well.

Please check the internet settings, network, and see if security program such as "itop" is running or not. Also check if you need to get authorized before connecting to the internet.

[Error Code:6 Type:380] - Failed to connect to the GameGuard update server.

1. Please download GameGuard manually using the link provided, and try installing. If you are using Windows XP Service Pack 2, please check the firewall settings to see if GameGuard is allowed to access. Sometimes, the problems disappear by restarting the PC. Manual Download.

2. It is possible that firewall application such as Sygate Firewall might be blocking the access of GameGuard. Please open the specific firewall and check if GameGuard.des is blocked or not.error

[Error Code:6 Type:405] - is related to Invalid timestamp or timestamp out of acceptable boundries, normally encountered when entering dungeons its a failsafe to stop bots entering dungeons with faked/forged packets.

All cases have been traced to either:
1.Multiple persons in a team all trying to enter a dungeon at same time, each person in team will get the error as the team is dc "Or"

2.The persons connection is unstable due to excessive uploading/downloading on the network, or In-efficient Networking Hardware (* Router/Wifi cards/Wifi Ariels *)
This can be resolved by checking connection status and identifying source of weak connection, and removing said problem, I.e. > Tell other users of shared connection to limit download/uploads

(* It is my personal opinion that this has only been affecting Wireless players and therefore is PROBABLY due to the distance they are from there router.... but I cannot 100% confirm this yet I am 95% sure this is the case, I have been able to reproduce this error by simply standing where my Wifi connection is at its weakest while still being connected, Ec06 405 reproduced on 3 occasions during this experiment *)

[Error Code:6 Type:421] - Is due to a gameguard error.

Delete the current gameguard folder and either let the launcher download a fresh copy, or replace it with one that works (from someone else).

[Error Code:6 Type:905] - Is related to animations and gameguard.

Re-installation and ensuring the client is functional will fix it.

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