Kamis, 15 Desember 2011

Download Bytessence AMV Converter 0.8

Bytessence AMV Converter atau yang biasa di sebut BAMVC ini adalah sebuah converter yang dapat menghasilkan video bereksistensi .amv (video)
Format jenis ini biasa digunakan Beragam jenis MP4 khususnya yang buatan dari china.
Keunggulan-keunggulan dari BAMVC di bandingkan dengan AMV converter yang lain adalah;
BAMVC dapat mengatur tingkat resolusinya dari yang terkecil hingga yang terbesar.
BAMVC Bersifat portable (Ga perlu repot-repot install..) Instal?? Hare Gene??
Mendukung banyak format, diantaranya avi,flv,mkv,hdmov,mpg,dll
Yang pasti 100% Free

Berikut Kutipan dari User Guide yang disertakan dalam BAMVC;

Bytessence AMVConverter (BAMVC) is a front-end to the popular FFmpeg project that focuses on the AMV files conversion. AMVs are a relatively new format for video files introduced with the Actions chipsets. Actions chipset are very common and they are found in cheap portable multimedia players (chipods). The international market has been assaulted by these devices which are very good because of the price and the features they have. Usually, in the packages they come with there is a CD which contains a multimedia converter. However, the application works only on Windows(R) based systems and it's very slow. Therefore, the people at AMV-Codec-Tools have managed to create a muxer/demuxer for FFmpeg that is extremely fast and versatile. BAMVC uses the patched FFmpeg to deliver you a free and solid alternative to the standard conversion software. Also, BAMVC runs on two major platforms, Windows(R) and Linux.

- Very fast video conversion (based on FFmpeg)
- Very configurable (quality, resolution, FPS, volume, padding and cropping)
- Easy to use, good looking interface
- Multi-platform
- Supports translations
- Open-source, you can contribute to make it better

If you want, you can translate BAMVC in your language. Send us the file and it will be included in the official package. You can find a language file template in the source archive (in the default BAMVC folder, it's called SRC.ZIP).

Changelog for BAMVC:

* Version 0.8, 03 Jan 2008
- Dropped XPTtoolbar support for compatibility between all platforms
- Cleaned and optimized the code, splitted into modules
- Changed FFMpeg's quality values
- Added multi-language support
- Added settings window
- Added possiblility to avoid logging
- Linux version is now looking almost like the Win32 one
- Fixed some small bugs
Jika anda tertarik dengan converter ini, bisa langsung di download disini atau disini untuk fast download.

Good Lucks