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Download Film Shadowland (2010)

Download Film Shadowland (2010)
An old church in a modern North American city is undergoing a renovation. Construction equipment and piles of debris cover the grounds. A deep pit has been dug for new sewer pipes.
Night falls. A woman crawls from the pit. She is weak and covered with mud, her face beaten, her throat cut. She is unable to speak, remember who she is, or how she got there. This is Laura.

Hungry, thirsty, she ventures out into the city, stealing food and warm clothes to survive. As she wanders the streets, she begins to see things that jar her memory: a picture on a wall, a historical marker, a map. Slowly, she starts to put the pieces together - the Old River Front, a house and family, a lover and a jealous suitor. She embarks on a trek across the city, trying to blend in and adjust to a modern world she has never seen before.

Julian, a mysterious young man employed by the church, is sent out to find her. He seems to know more about her than she does, tracking her, quickly deducing that she is headed home, to the place where she used to live - more than a hundred years ago.

Is Laura reincarnated? Resurrected and risen from the grave? Or is she just the unfortunate victim of a horrible crime, buried in the mud and left for dead? Is Julian really trying to help her, as he claims, or is he part of a conspiracy, a plot to kill her? Soon Laura is in a race for her life, trying to reach her home and her memories before Julian, the police, and the church can find her.
Download Film Shadowland 2010
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