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Film Semi Mesalina The Virgin Empress (1997)

Download Film Semi Mesalina The Virgin Empress (1997)
She was also a paternal cousin of the Emperor Nero. A powerful and influential woman with a reputation for promiscuity, she conspired against her husband and was executed when the plot was
discovered.In ancient Rome, during the decadent empire of Caligula, the desire for sensual Messalina (Kelly Trump) becomes increasingly ingordo and difficult to satisfy. Not even the youngest soldiers and aitanti can acquietare his passion. Accompagnanta by a faithful courtesan, Messalina not hesitate
to confront the dark night of Rome while to find strong arms ready to stringerla once again, these are merely gladiators or respectable senators. Directed by Joe D'Amato.
Production year: 1996
Release year: 2005
Runtime: 80 Minutes
Genres : Erotic
Director & Writer :Joe D'Amato
Producer : Annabel Nelson
Director Of Photography : Joe D'Amato
Editing : Kathleen Stratton
Cast: Kelly Trump, Backey Jakic, Olivia Del Rio, Hakan Serbes
Download Film Semi Mesalina The Virgin Empress 
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