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Download Film Special Private Secretary 2008 (Japan)

Special Private Secretary 2008 (Japan)
Young and beautiful Lawyer Asuka is the grand-daughter of the chairman of Halo Loss Insurance Inc. Appointed by her grandfather as the "special secretary", her mission is to investigate a government
corruption case of US$5 million. Halo Loss Insurance Inc. is claimed by the government corporation to recover the theft sum of US$5 million involved in the case because a government officer has bought the "Scandal Insurance Policy" months ago which covers all lost due to theft or corruption. Asuka has to start her investigation from someone inside the government corporation to uncover the conspiracy behind this court case and the unusual policy claim where she has to challenge the highest authority.
At the beginning of 21 century, the capital city, Tokyo, is full of spies in 60 years since World War II. The government without official intelligence agency deals with spy acts by foreigners and registers associated with private security organizations. However, the government which no longer fight against foreign spies plans to bring in ultimate fight skills passed on by beautiful and sexy female ninjas
Country: Japan
Release Date: Mar 19, 2009
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English
Genre: Drama | Adults
Video Format | Size: AVI | 1.03GB
Running time: 01:14:59
Cast: Shoko Mikami,
Download Film Special Private Secretary 2008

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